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  • Michael - Terrible DRM Bug Fest

    The game client constantly crashes. The cities are incredibly tiny, this is more like a village simulator. It requires an always on connection for a single player game. On top of it, if you do not have certain DLC, you cannot play with friends if they have DLC you don't have.

  • Andrea Ramirez - loud wind drag

    created a lot of wind noise and drag. so much so that driving with them on normally was a major pain but to use them every once in a while when needed they did work.

  • AWDTerror - Great case!

    Fits and works great. Edges provided extra grip and plenty of protection, and the squared off edges give a unique look not offered by other case. The clear back is fairly scratch resistant as well.

  • Nikki - five stars

    This is my first portable charger. I charge this one time for a few hours and can then charge my phone several times without the inconvenience of being tethered to a wall. I absolutely love this item. It is so convenient for airport trips and long flights. I received a sample of this product from the manufacturer to give a detailed review of the user experience and how to improve the product. But I have been purchasing them as gifts for family members because it is so convenient.

  • KORT - epic

    This game is similar to deer hunter reloaded and there both beast! I would recommend it to anyone that likes hunting

  • horizons - Works well after a great deal of fiddling

    Works well after a great deal of fiddling. Instructions are useless (and misleading) so it was a lot of trail and error. My RV has a factory installed amplifier on the cable/antenna hook-up, but this LAVA would not work with that amp. Had to install the amp that came with the LAVA separately, then it worded OK. Will not work without this amp.

  • ahs87 - Still not working, poor customer service.

    Purchased in November as a Christmas present. Had professionally assembled for $200 in late December. Incline feature immediately not working and stuck at 9 degrees incline. Called Icon, the manufacturer of Proform Treadmills, they sent replacement incline motor---took 8 days to receive. Another 3 days for Icon-authorized repairman to show up. Repairman took one look at it and said, "problem is the console, not the incline motor. I will order a new console and be back in a week." That was 11 days ago. Update: When I followed up with Icon over 2 weeks after the repairman had been at my home, they said he had only called in the console order 5 days before. Even better, they had inadvertently closed out the console order ticket, without ever sending the console! Kid on phone also opined that it was not going to be the console, but the sensor on the incline motor. That was also the opinion of the first person I had spoken to at Icon weeks earlier, but the repairman never bothered to check--he was in and out in 7 minutes. So 4 days later, I finally receive the console. 5 days after that, repairman comes back. Lo and behold, it was the sensor on the incline motor (the one he never bothered to look at weeks earlier.) Repairman also opined that Icon was a terrible outfit---nice huh? That all said, he did fix it and has worked fine since that time.