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  • Brittany Mohr - not sure if it worked

    I got this to detox the THC from my system. I know that is not really a thing you can do completely but I had a pre-employment UA coming up and thought it couldn't hurt.


    This product is a God send!!! Our cat was literally dying with taking Methimazole as prescribed by our veterinarian. She was having diarrhea & vomiting everyday and down to 4 1/2 pounds. We were thinking of putting her down. Went on the internet & Googled natural medicine for cats with hyperthyroidism and Thyroid Support Gold from Pet Wellbeing came up. Read the reviews & ordered it. That was last Friday & with Amazon Prime shipping it came Sunday. By Tuesday we started to notice that there was no diarrhea or vomiting. Today is Thursday and things are still great. I can't say how profoundly grateful we are to have found this product. I'm going to recommend it to our veterinarian instead of using Methimazole maybe other cats lives can be saved from misery & death. Looking forward to seeing her put on a few pounds to be healthy again!

  • Marion Blau - The Hype is off

    While I am a firm believer in doing what's right for your body, eating right, sleeping well and of course exercise, I did send away for this product and have been taking it, as directed, diligently for more than one month and have seen ZERO results, I don't sleep better, as a matter of fact I still wake up several times during the night. There has been no energy boost, there has been no visible difference in my skin and while $100 is not exactly expensive per month, it's $100 I can use for something more effective. I will not be renewing my supply.

  • Someone who loves Pink! - Not worth the price.

    Does not spray well and for small for the price. I am going to look for a less expensive alternative. I probably would not buy again.

  • TchrJo - It worked for me

    I first tried Flexoplex about a year ago... I was skeptical at first, but was in so much knee pain that I had to try it. I had tried Glucosamine Chondroitin at first and it did little to help. Within about a week of taking Flexoplex I noticed a difference. The arthritis in my knee was causing a Baker's Cyst in the back of my knee and even that started to feel better. I got so much better that I stopped taking the Flexoplex, mostly because I didn't want to spend $40 a month if I didn't have to. I noticed the pain coming back shortly after that and recently the Baker's Cyst came back. So, I went back on the Flexoplex and again, about a week later noticed a lot of relief. I recognize that it may not work for some people and that Glucosamine is enough for others, but for me it works incredibly well. I am able to climb stairs, walk long distances, do yard work and live my life almost pain free. If you try it and don't get the same results I did, don't blame me, I am only speaking from my own experience. I wish it was more affordable. $40 a month is steep in my book, but worth it for the amount of relief I get.