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  • gilbert s. - Everything i expected and more

    Good picture when adjusted but the sound it puts out is decent but its everything I expected. Very easy to set up it took me 15 minutes hooking it up to my direct TV box and sound bar. All my friends and family that have seen it so far want one.

  • Joseph DeVictoria - but it worked great for me because it comes with a great starting ...

    Not anything too special, but it worked great for me because it comes with a great starting set of land, as well as a broad portfolio of colors. Between this and the six boosters I bought at the same time, I was able to make a black deck, blue deck and a red/green deck with some cards left over, so its pretty balanced. Probably not the best idea for everyone, but it worked out well for me just getting started. No mythics.

  • ang alexander - not for very thin strands

    Made my hair frizzy and tangled. I have very thin strands, but a lot of it. I got immediate tangles and frizz.

  • Helen Bull - This has such a nice, light honey scent

    This has such a nice, light honey scent. I enjoy using it, and it makes my kids smell nice. The bottle is a nice size and shape to sit next to the tub without falling in all the time. It is normal as far as shampoo goes-- no amazing benefits or drawbacks as far as my hair after I use it.

  • Andrew Livingston - Great backpack until it isn't

    Enjoyed the pack and found it well-built and designed for my needs. Enjoyed it, that is, for the three months I had it before it began to come apart at the seams. Like some other reviewers, mine came apart near the top by the straps; it wasn't just the seams but the cloth around them. It's repairable, but not easily. You get what you pay for, I guess.

  • Sealion - Magic jack plus is working well

    I dropped my Centurylink phone service provider and switched to a Magic Jack Plus about 4 months ago. I have been very pleased with it. My limited previous phone service was costing me about $500 per year with no long distance service. I had been using dial up computer service over that land line, but finally went broadband DSL for about $30 per month and dropped the phone service land line. So now I have high speed internet at home along with MJplus phone connection that has many more features for a combined price less than my old phone line service. The sound is clear. Long distance in the USA is free. I dropped my old home phone number and took a new one for free with MJplus which is no big deal. In fact, that has had a great benefit in that all the political and charity and salesmen unwanted calls have ceased as they do not have my MJplus number!!! It was easy to hook up by following the instructions. I bought an ATT 4 handset phone with base station that I hook into the MJplus and all the phones work fine around the house off the base station. I now must dial the area code on all calls made from the MJplus phone system, but that is only 3 more didgets for those calls not in my directory. Be sure to read all the info on the Q&A in the MJplus website and the reviews on Amazon to be sure you know the features and cost/differences. Guess the only thing less expensive would be to just use our cell phones with no home phone of any sort, but my wife refused to knuckle under to that idea. Guess the $2.50 per month average for MJplus is a small price to pay. Final comment, I could not fax via the MJplus the first time I tried it, but the customer service was very helpful in telling me what I needed to do to my fax speed setting on my HP printer/fax and now my MJplus line does handle sending and receiving faxes with no problem. All is good.

  • rusty rick - finishing touch

    Purchased for my wife and she is pleased with it. Newer than older model and works better. She had Parkinson's so this makes her trimming job easier to use and do. Pleased with unit and shipper.