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  • Crysannia - works good

    you can't get your hair wet though, and you need to wash it out everyday or it looks BAD. But it works really well on my red hair, and it covers in my balding area, which is the top front of my hair, you do need to keep the hairline covered, I have bangs so it looks fine. makes my hair look normal.

  • Lauren B. - I love the idea of this item

    I love the idea of this item. I enjoyed the variety of pictures with which to color. What I did not like was the messy drawings. Patterns could not be kept because things would randomly be out of place, such as a single flower petal, or a specific shape that suddenly didn't match. If you were trying to keep a particular color scheme, with how detailed these pictures are, it throws the entire balance out of whack if you do not catch it in time. I did not like that, and it made me not want to finish.

  • Lorra Allen - Do you really want to risk injury to your cat?

    I have 8 cats (yes 8!) and was thrilled to learn of soresto....there weren't many reviews out there since this was a new product.... My veterinarian raved about this product, and so I purchased eight collars for a total of $560..... Within two weeks two of my cats had severe chemical burns around their necks; the other six were not affected adversely. I am beyond frustrated. I plan on writing to the company but don't expect anything but a canned corporate response "so sorry for the inconvenience" blah blah blah. Don't risk injury to your fur baby it's not worth it! Oh and my two kitties are healing finally.

  • P. C. Moore - worth a chance

    I had some concerns due to the fact your price was the lowest around but I took a chance and was pleased with the service and the product. I am now able to email my doctor with results and incorporated the data into iphone app "TargetWeight Pro"

  • E. Anderson - I love this product

    I love this product, but it's cheaper at Walmart, I bought 2 bottles of 60 each for 19.99, I take three capsules a day before 12 in the afternoon and suppresses my appetite all day, if you take more then that you won't be able to sleep, and drink lots of water that helps too, best diet supplement I've come across in a long time

  • auntiem - Zenith 2016

    I enjoyed this book because it gives you insight to all pagan religions and their origin. It also gives insight on why Washington DC's buildings are built the way they are and especially all the monuments. Further insight to the Free Masons and the similar believe of the Mormon's. Very good read!

  • Marie - Love this! It works!

    I love this thing so much. When I got pregnant, my friend said that if she was sent to a deserted island and could only take one baby-related item with her, this would be it. She wasn't wrong. Based one her advice, I bought this before my daughter was born. I was so thankful it was on Amazon.